Path to Perfect Health Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, and More...

Essential oils used in aromatherapy treatments bring together the components of holistic health and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Essential oil formulas, and “live” nutrition is a path to perfect health.

Essential Oils by Path to Perfect Health are rated by Molecular Cryptology to ensure that the balance is perfectly in-tune with the body. Path to Perfect Health is the only company in the USA that performs essential oil testing at this level. One can have GC/MS pure tested essential oil, but if the molecular makeup is inaccurate, the effectiveness of aromatherapy is reduced. Lipid technology – ORMUS “live” carrier oil, ensures that PTPH essential oils will be delivered to the phospholipid layer within the cellular membrane, of each and every cell. The Path to Perfect Health essential oil formulas have been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness for 30 years.

Aromatherapy is the process of inhaling the airborne molecules of the essential oils, to stimulate a natural healing response in the body/mind. Aromatherapy is an integral part of holistic treatments when applied topically, and when inhaled. Aromatherapy is a safe, practical, and affordable system for health improvement, that can be self-administered. Holistic health by definition, does not diagnose, prescribe drugs, perform surgeries, or claim to cure disease. Holistic health incorporates natural science, biochemistry, physics, and psychology into therapeutic treatments and programs designed to best support the body and mind to heal, while investigating the physical, mental, and social conditions that cultivate disease. Holistic Health recognizes that human health is a reflection of our environmental health.

Apple and carrot juice with ginger

Nutrition is the key to maintaining good health. We recommend a “live” plant based diet, including mostly raw organic fruits and vegetables, sprouting and juicing, while excluding all processed, packaged, food products. Nutritional information, food charts and recipes are provided on this site. Every human should learn how to best support what the body is so desperately trying to do “HEAL”. Why not help the process?

All information on how to support your body to heal is free throughout the site!