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Remission Essential Oil Formula


mental_blReduces tumors, fibroids and strengthens the immune system. Remission formula: fir needle, orange, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, clove, and peppermint work together to first strengthen the body’s filtration system and then to dissolve the container of the toxins that your body so brilliantly created to save you for one more day. It reduces emotions of remorse so you can stop nursing old hurts and shocks that imprinted into memory.

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Remission Formula is a combination of fir needle, orange, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, clove and peppermint. These 100% pure essential oils work together to reduce tumors, fibroids, melt scar tissue and strengthen the immune system.

Cancer is a consistently cultivated condition of the cellular environment over a very long period of time. If you had a predisposition for cancer such as a cancer gene you would have expressed cancer at birth. There is overwhelming evidence showing that over 50% of all cancers are due to environmental toxins and the remaining 50% has to do with how fast and effectively the body is able to eliminate toxins. Remission helps the process of eliminating the poisons. Once the body is cleansed and the communication of all body systems are reestablished the organs will strengthen and the manufactured tumor begins to dissolve.

The essential oils: fir needle, orange, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, clove and peppermint work together to clean, rebuild and strengthen all body functions and dissolve the tumor and scar tissue.

The process of healing depends on the level of degeneration from when you start the detox program along with the level of faith you have in the body’s ability to heal. Given enough time to rebuild, the body will dissolve the tumors and digest the poisons inside, but you must open that door of possibility. No one learns holistic healthcare from a book, you become holistic through the process of your own healing. Tumors are the body’s way of encapsulating poisons and preventing them from destroying the vital organs during the emergency phase of acute or chronic illness. The body does what it has to do in order to survive for one more day. Your job is to understand how to best support the healing process.

Bath– 7 drops of the Remission Formula, or apply 2 drops of the Remission Formula over the tumor area and as tub fills add 1 C. Solar Sea Salts and Soak for 20 min.

Body– Apply 2 drops of Remission Formula topically over the area of tumor. Apply several times daily.

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Essential Oils of fir needle, orange, frankincense, lemongrass, lemon, clove, and peppermint.


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