What Prompted Path to Perfect Health?

I wanted to give parents a choice not to
have to drug their children

In 1988, at eight years old, my son was diagnosed with ADD. I immediately changed his diet, simplified our home and calmed down our schedule which worked up until his Jr. year of high school. Ten years after his diagnoses I was ordered to attend a meeting face to face with his principals and counselor, and told, you drug your child, or he will be removed and placed into an alternative high school. I did not want to put him on drugs, and he would not agree to go on the drugs. So I opted for the transfer with the stipulation that he would return and graduate with his class if he was able to catch up and improve his behavior.

It’s difficult as a parent to go up against any system that challenges your belief-system especially when accused of being an irresponsible parent. The hardest part is not knowing for sure if you are making the right decision. As a parent, you do your best at the moment, but you never know how things will play out long term over time. I was already witnessing side effects in my clients that had been on Ritalin for years. I knew these children from birth. As small children, they were witty, brilliant and full of creativity. I watched over the years as they became reclusive, irritable, and moody. Many suffered insomnia, growth retardation and a few developed Tourette’s syndromes by the time they started high school. I saw signs of deep depression and even suicidal tenancies. The only solution their parents received from the conventional mental health system was to add more drugs to manage the side effects. I knew there had to be another way.

I had started working with the essential oils in 1994. I became an expert understanding all aspects of the oils, how to find the highest quality of pure essential oils, their healing properties and how the body utilizes them to heal. I had personally met Bruce Lipton and Candice Pert and was able to directly download their remarkable scientific discoveries of the lipid bilayer cell membrane and receptor mapping that changed how science understands the bodymind; the cellular community, and how it interacts and communicates using signals; chemical and vibrational. So I decided to formulate by studying how the atoms configured into specific molecular structures and blended essential oils to calm the bodymind during the healing process. The Body Balance formula was specific for clearing the mind and strengthening the ability to focus and improve comprehension. The Peaceful formula was targeted toward calming anxiety and reducing the hyperactive stress response. My son did catch up and calmed down. He was able to return to his high school and graduate with his class. Today he has earned his master’s degree in economics. He chooses to work with me right here in Long Beach, CA where we help those who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

My results from that experience grew into a particular focus. Give parents the option not to have to drug their children or use chemically laced personal care products. Now let’s teach them to eat for their health! Click here