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4-stageCurrently no testing or quality controls governing essential oils, (EOs) exists. High quality EOs are categorized as such by passing a series of tests and different analysis. The most common of tests for therapeutic grade EOs is called the Gas Chromatograph, (GC). The GC test separates and identifies what has been defined and categorized in databases to date. However there are thousands of healing properties that have not yet been defined just like with herbs, fruits and vegetables. Many of these unknown constituents are summed up under the category of phytonutrients.This is a very important fact, because if a constituent is not identifiable it can’t be patented, and if it can’t be patented it’s not profitable. This is what keeps EOs restricted to folklore medicine in the USA.

Higher quality therapeutic grade EOs go through one more test called a Mass Spectrometer, (MS) which identifies the chemical constituents, as well as, their percentages and pitch. This test is done with an electron beam, which ionizes the fragmented molecules. Hopefully the peaks and valleys of percentages and tone will then be compared to three existing databases: Whiley, the International Fragrance, and the Basics. The results are printed and compiled as practical data and then identified. These high quality, therapeutic essential oils are currently being used in hospitals throughout the world in countries that choose to use essential oils first rather than prescription drug and surgeries.

Path to Perfect Health essential oils alone, go through a third and final test called Molecular Cryptology. This type of test is rare. It actually measures the left and right spin of the atomic masses to ensure the balance is perfectly in-tune with the body. This guarantees that the body will recognize the essential oil molecules for cellular receptor acceptance. One can have a GC/MS tested EO, but each harvest should be checked for an accurate molecular makeup, and vibrational imprint as well. This factor in quality is what can greatly enhance or reduce the effectiveness of the essential oil molecules once they are within the body and bloodstream. Lipid technology ensures that PTPH essential oils will be delivered to the phospholipid layer within the cellular membrane where they do the most good.

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ORMUSoilORMUS “live” grapeseed oil, is the fatty oil included in each one of the PTPH Formulas. This carrier oil ensures that all PTPH Formulas are skin safe and have a two year shelf-life in favorable conditions. The ORMUS provides 96 “live” electrical minerals, which are the nutrients required to reconnect the internal communication systems within the bodymind. ORMUS seems like a new technology but it has been around since the beginning of time. ORMUS contains halogens, which improve penetration through the lipid cellular membrane. This is important because most all internal communication within the bodymind begins with the two million little antennas; receptors and effectors, embedded in each one of our 65 trillion cells, within the cellular membranes.

The beneficial results of ORMUS drops, when used as a supplement, is greatly enhanced and intensified when combined with the essential oils. In fact ORMUS is safe for the body due to the aromatic orbitals that the essential oils offer. Halogens are aggressive structures. The Aromatic atomic rings are stronger and more stable than covalent bonding; a chemical bond is characterized by sharing electrons between atoms. Aromatic rings express unsaturated bonds and lone pairs known as atomic orbitals. Atomic orbitals are the possible quantum states of an individual electron in the electron cloud around a single atom. Orbitals can interact with each other freely, and become de-localized so they are not tied to one atom, and the extra electrons they so freely share, will strengthen all of the bonds on the ring equally resulting in a molecular orbital that has symmetry; balance within itself.

Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic ElementsIt is the essential oil molecules that direct these powerful nutrients to go where they are needed. By maintaining a high quantity of these stable minerals in the cellular environment: toxins, petrochemicals, flavorings, solvents, turpentine, formaldehyde, antibiotics, other man-made chemicals and ingredients are flushed from the system and the body is able to maintain a perfect cellular environment.

The greater the quantity of these nutrients within the body, the fewer invaders such as: flukes, tapeworms, round worms, spirochetes, bacteria, germs, molds, mildews, and viruses will survive, because these invaders are hindered and unable to breed. The combination of live, electrical nutrients offered from the ORMUS, and essential oil molecules, attacks and dehydrates parasitic infestations along with their eggs within the blood and lymphatic systems, eliminating parasitic infection. Tumors are dehydrated, and dissolved as health is gained and maintained.

Path to Perfect Health essential oil formulas are recommended as a holistic, self-care system that supports the body in the natural healing process. Holistic health care does not diagnose, prescribe drugs, perform surgeries or claim to cure disease. Holistic health incorporates natural science, biochemistry, physics and psychology into therapeutic treatments and programs designed to best support the body/mind to heal while investigating the physical, mental and social conditions that cultivate disease.

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