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 setPath To Perfect Health essential oils are formulated using the highest quality of essential oils researched from all over the world, in order to provide the perfect combination needed to support the body/mind to heal. The formulas have been clinically tested for over 18 years through a state licensed holistic health college on thousands of repeat clients to ensure their safety and effectiveness. These combinations of formulas have, over the years been engineered into skin care products that can be used daily in order to replace the chemically laced, corporate manufactured products that over time will cause harm.

The single essential oils used in the PTPH formulations are the best choices to clean off the receptor sites so the cells and the brain regulator will receive the communication signals that trigger a healing response. The essential oil constituents clean the clutter from the extra-cellular environment, support DNA/RNA connections and over time have even corrected mutated DNA.

Although there are literally thousands of combinations of healing constituents that the essential oils deliver to the cells, the phenols, sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes are the best to use for this teaching example. The phenols and phenylpropanoids clean off the receptor sites located on the surface of the cell from all the fat-soluble toxins such as: petrochemical fuzz buildup, synthetic drug caps, heavy metal particles, the food additives and preservatives so that the first signal can be received. But there is more to the process then just one signal being successfully transmitted and received. Upon receiving the first signal there is a secondary signal sent by the activated reaction within the cell. It won’t matter much if and when the first signal is received or not, because the second signal is when all the healing action takes place. The PTPH essential oil formulas help clear the path of  interferences within the cell to ensure that the second signal will NOT be short-circuited. The Sesquiterpenes clear the clutter within and outside the cell; they take out the trash to ensure the success of the second signal. Sesquiterpenes will erase old information that isn’t needed anymore. After the sesquiterpenes take out the trash, the monoterpenes can do their job. Monoterpenes will fix, (re-program) the original blueprint held within the DNA, and over time even re-program and correct inherited mutated coding within the DNA that was faulty to begin with.

The Path To Perfect Health essential oil formulas that are phenol and phenylporpanoid dominant are: VirusProtectionPainSexsationsAttractionsHeadacheStomachDetoxInfectionCold & FluRemissionThyroidEmovere’Hot FlashBody Balance, PMSAddictionDeep SleepAlert and Hair & Scalp.

The Path To Perfect Health essential oil formulas that are sesquiterpene dominant are: Harmonic Scalp, StressStomachAlertVirusAlignment, Emovere’SexsationsAttractions, Wrinkles, Nerve Cell, Deep Sleep, Addiction, and PMS.

The Path To Perfect Health essential oil formulas that are monoterpene dominant are: Cleanse Pure, Detox, Harmonic 7, Remission, Hot Flash, Body Balance, Nerve Cell, Stress, PMS, Alignment, Wrinkles, Protection, Pain, Cold & Flu, Infection, Hair & Scalp, Deep Sleep, Sexsations, Emovere’, Addiction, Stomach, and Headache.

How It Works Book CoverEssential oils consist of tiny vibrating molecules that are composed of combinations of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. These are the very same atoms that make up the human body. The essential oil molecules deliver all the nutrients required by the human body as well. The chemistry of the essential oils consists of hydrocarbons, oxygenated hydrocarbons and their isomers. Hydrocarbons consist of only hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms. Oxygenated hydrocarbons consist of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms. Isomers are molecules with the same atoms, (parts) but are shaped differently and have different characteristics. These atoms combine together in different structures of “isoprene units”. An “isoprene unit” is the most common functional group in nature. A good example of isoprene units are amino acids and some of the amino acids like phenylalanine, tryptophan and tyrosine have aromatic amino acid rings in their structure.

Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic ElementsAromatic rings are stronger and more stable than covalent bonding; a chemical bond characterized by sharing electrons between atoms. Aromatic rings express unsaturated bonds and lone pairs known as atomic orbitals. Atomic orbitals are the possible quantum states of an individual electron in the electron cloud around a single atom. Orbitals can interact with each other freely, and become delocalized so they are not tied to one atom and the extra electrons they so freely share will strengthen all of the bonds on the ring equally resulting in a molecular orbital that has symmetry; balance within itself.

This is how essential oil isomers units (signals) are able to become what the body needs, where the body needs them and they distribute the exact amount of assist to balance any imbalance or weakness within the body-mind.  The compounds can act as free performing orbitals that strengthen all other bonds because they have extra electrons to stabilize other structures.  Every time a pair of atoms forms a bond to create a compound, there is a measurable frequency associated with that bond.  The essential oils resonate with our tissue, organs, bone, muscles and body fluids increasing our own natural electromagnetic vibrations to help us maintain health.  These are just a few structural facts that prove why essential oils are the exceptional choice compared to any other when it comes to supporting the body’s ability to heal and repair itself and re establish communication.

A few facts:

  1. Essential oils are safe and effective: all essential oils are antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-microbial and antibiotic so when in doubt use what you have. Each of the two hundred or so essential oils are champion in certain areas and are able to better govern specific issues; tea tree for example is champion in regards to fungus and is gentle on the skin, where cinnamon is champion in regards to microbes but may feel hot when applied directly to the surface of the skin. Essential oils are complex and need a bit of education before randomly applying them to sensitive areas. PTPH essential oil formulas are safe and ready to apply. They are more effective in regards to eradicating chronic conditions and much safer to use than synthetically made drugs. All essential oils are fat-soluble and will neutralize fat-soluble toxins within the bloodstream and those that are already stored within the connective tissue. There has never been a recorded fatality due to the common sense use of essential oils. Essential oils have been powerful allied forces assisting the survival of all nature’s organisms for the past 7,000 years.
  2. Essential oils are stable and sustainable: essential oils retain their healing properties and vibration for years and years. The essential oils are not water-soluble so they don’t need refrigeration or a preservative. Essential oils are highly concentrated, one tiny drop supplies each of our 65 trillion human cells 40,000 healing molecules. For example: you can buy a 15 ml. (1/2 oz.) of Headache formula with offers approximately 350 treatments for $26.00. This equates to a year supply of headache help in a recyclable glass bottle.
  3. Essential oils engineered into PTPH formulas are easy to use. There are three delivery systems in which the essential oils travel to get to the destination where they will do the most good; the cellular membrane of each one of the 65 trillion human cells. All three delivery systems are accessed through inhalation and topical application; directly on the skin at the location of discomfort.
  4. Essential oils work within the olfactory: lately scientist are getting famous for revealing the connections between the olfactory system, the brain, central nervous system, the organ system and the 65 trillion human cells. The fact that each of us humans have two different olfactory systems hasn’t even hit the textbooks yet. The olfactory bulb is the first of the twelve cranial nerves. This first cranial nerve is the most important player involved with the design and creation of the human body. The olfactory system is our most authentic primal defense mechanism. The olfactory system travels through every region of the brain connecting both the left and right cerebral hemispheres and aligns the conscious and subconscious minds; our two planes of operation; our level of reality and existence.

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