Diet Simplification

The Key to Cellular Nutrition

clockSupporting the body’s natural cleansing cycle makes sense. Our system goes through a cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noon. The body repairs itself from twelve noon to twelve midnight. You probably won’t hear that any where else, but keep in mind that we have all been programed to over consume manufactured food products by big corporations with money making agendas. The food industry spends billions telling us what the body needs to be healthy, yet the sick management system is thriving. If we focus on nutrients that our human cells require, for a healthier duplication every 24-hours, we save: time, money, and energy along with natural resources.

Breakfast choices that support the natural cleansing process: 

saline- 1 tsp. DeSoza’s Solar Salts or the Himalayan salts mixed in 32 oz. of purified water, or pure water with ORMUS drops. Try a glass of the Master Cleanse fresh lemonade, or fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. How about a cup of fresh peppermint or herbal tea. If you can’t wait till after noon to eat, then eat a small amount of fruit, or a small vegetable or fruit salad. All types of berries are excellent, and raw juicing is always a good idea. Just keep it simple and don’t overburden your digestive system while it is in the natural cleansing process.refreshingdrink

Remember that the human organism is a living, learning, self-renewing, slowly adapting organism that created itself out of two tiny cells and a spark of energy in 9 months. You can trust that it has the repair guide. All you have to do is support the natural healing process. Any change is a big change, so take it slow and be gentle. If you are supplying the body/mind with 60 minerals, 12 vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids, you will gain health. All of these valuable nutrients are provided when you sprout, drink the saline and add coconut oil. That’s not an exciting lifestyle, but isn’t it great to know you can gain your health for just pennies a day? The cleanse and renew process does not have to be time consuming or expensive. When you cut out the poisons you will gain your health even faster.

Lunch: 1:00 p.m. or later: soup or a homemade, raw vegetable salad, and a sprouted slice or bread or sprouted tortilla.lunch

Dinner: Simple preparation- refer to any of the raw food recipes.

Simple is best. The idea that we require variety of all different types of foods at every meal to support health is false. The digestive system prefers a very simple meal with few variations. Look at this suggestion as a gain instead of a loss, because it really simplifies your lifestyle. When you properly combine your food groups, you digest and assimilate more of the valuable nutrients. When you perceive this transition as being deprived, restricted or limited, you are setting yourself up for failure. Food for fuel value should be the focus. Meals that take time to prepare, using a bunch of processed ingredients are costly, don’t supply the highest value of fuel and make you sick. It’s not worth the trouble. Stick to simple, fresh, live meals 80% of the time once you heal.

Note: Different types of foods require a different amount of time in the stomach, and require different enzymes to properly digest for assimilation. Too many combinations of foods from different food groups cause a variety of digestive disturbances.

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Avoid Digestion Issues:

Since each specific enzyme works most efficiently alone, eat food categories separately. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates and starches not only require a different enzyme, for complete digestion, but a different pH range as well. If all the digestion enzymes are triggered to work at the same time, the digestion process slows down, and the food can spoil and create poisons internally.

For example, eating a piece of watermelon after a barbeque dinner consisting of animal protein can lead to a belly ache. The watermelon ferments in the stomach, while waiting for the animal protein to be broken down small enough to pass through. The fruit juices, which are simple sugars, sit in a 98.6-degree oven for up to eight hours or longer and can ferment. Think of what happens when you pop the cork off a champagne bottle. The gas from the fermentation forces it to explode. This gas is being produced in your stomach when you mix animal protein with fruit.


  • Eat fruit alone on an empty stomach. Wait about one hour before eating anything else. Wait one hour to eat anything after drinking fruit juice.
  • Eat melons on an empty stomach, alone, separate from other fruits, or different varieties of melons. (Melons mold very quickly, so smell them before you eat them).
  • Divide fruit into three categories: acid, semi-acid and sweet. Do not combine acid fruits with sweet fruits. Semi-acid can be combined with sweet or acid fruits.
  • Divide all foods into Starches/Proteins/Vegetables/Oils & Fats/Acid Fruits/Semi-Acid Fruits/Sweet Fruits/Melons.
  • Combine starches with vegetables with a limited amount of fats/oils.
  • Combine Animal proteins with vegetables with a limited amount of fats/oils, if you think you have to eat animal products.
  • Drink liquids at least 15 minutes before you eat, or wait an hour after you eat.
  • Fats and oils dilute and slow down digestion.
  • Eat real live fresh food, not manufactured foods such as margarine, and do your very best to stop with the animal products and GMOs.

Follow these simple rules and you will be in compliance with all the laws of the mouth, stomach, pyloric valve release, small intestine, ileocecal valve, large intestine, water absorption, the necessary bacteria, the filtering of toxins. So give it a whirl and see what happens?